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What did you major in? Do you regret your major?

I’m asked this question time and time again. I’m a graphic designer. 2 year graduate of The Art Institute of Charlotte. I’ve had a few internships and freelance projects, but landing that full time graphics position has been hard. I work part time in customer service, so that’s been paying the bills and other expenses. Even though landing my dream position has been tough, I don’t know what else I would’ve taken up in school. All I do is draw and I wanted to expand my talent. I learned alot about myself while attending art school. I’ve come a long way from drawing with pen and pencils. Now I can freehand my designs and create them digitally. I really don’t know what I would’ve majored in it if wasn’t for Graphic Design. People, love what you do and make it work for you. Even if it takes awhile to make your dreams become a successful career, it’ll work out for the best.