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When someone says…

‘I’m 4 things; Cherokee Indian, Italian, trinadadian, and whatever the fuck!’ I just look at my skin complexion,compare and contrast. Nigga you’re black! All of what you just named are nationalities not race, you fucking idiot. When job apps ask for your race, you don’t list all four nationalities. Come the fuck on! My mom is from Jamaica and my dad is puerto rican/Indian and African American. Even though there’s alot of mixes in there to create Gem (me), I’m still a black young woman. Be proud of your race ppl and stop trying to run away from the fact that your ass is black.#PSA

Question for my gay & straight brothers and sisters. How do you feel?

How do you honestly feel about the public service announcement AIDS/HIV commercials on BET? The commercials have gay and straight couples in them. While watching tv, one of those commercials came on. It was the one with a gay couple. My friend said,“Oh God! Now I gotta see this shit on tv too?!” It kind of hurt me, because I’m always around her and she knows that I’m a lesbian. It just makes me wonder; how does she really feel? That commercial just proves that there are other people in the world. Plus it shows that we are all having sex and everyone of us need to protect ourselves. Thoughts and opinions are welcome.