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you’re taking your gayness a little too far

0_o how exactly can you do that? If you’re gay, you’re gay! You can’t be too gay or not gay enough. Anyways! I’m a lesbian who enjoys dressing in men’s attire. I guess you can label me stud, stem, or androgynous. Doesn’t matter. I’ve always liked dressing this way ever since I was a kid. The only time I’d wear  a dress or skirt was on picture days, family occasions, etc. My mom had my brother and I dressed as twins on a daily basis, so… (trust, he wasn’t walking around looking like a girl). As I got older, my mom started telling me what to wear. She’d pick out my clothes to make sure I would look girly for the day ahead. I hated it! I wore fitted jeans, maybe some Valor sweats but sneakers and construction boots (Timberlands), that was all me. Semi-feminine/tomboy. My mom began throwing out my clothes and buying me new, more feminine clothes and shoes which left me no other choice but to wear what she wanted me to. I began to like it too. Once I started making my own money and had my own place with my own rules, I bought clothes that make me feel good and comfortable. I don’t want to be a boy or a man, I just like what I like.