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I’ve notices that ever since I came out of the closet that people acted differently towards me. My family treated me the same until they got upset with me about something. We would never be able to talk about the issue though. All of a sudden, I’m a ‘Dyke!’. It would come out of nowhere when they’d say it to me. I’ve never been called a ‘dyke’ by anyone, not to my face anyway. It really hurts having your family call you that especially after they seemed okay about your lifestyle. Then they have kids and they try to keep you away from them. Never really having a real reason why. But then I hear, ‘it’s not right that you’re gay and I don’t want my kid around you if your going to be gay.’. So I can’t be around some of my family because of the fact. True, that’s their kids and they can have them around whoever they want. But people are who they are, they aren’t going to change for the comfort of others. Me, being a lesbian or should I say ‘dyke for life’ (might as well wear the homophobic slur from a family member proudly), hasn’t hurt me in a mentally, emotionally, or even physically. It’s the fuckers that were apart of my life that I trusted and confided in, that hurt me. That,  ‘blood is thicker than water’ shit is pure bull. People that understand you and love you regardless whether they are family or not treat you better than assholes that  are so-called  family of yours. Everything can not be justified just because the wrong doing was against a gay man or lesbian woman. People need to get over themselves.

Comments on: "Why is it that any wrong doing against me, remain justified because of my sexuality?" (2)

  1. It really is a difficult time when you come out for the first time. You expect certain people to support you no matter what, but that’s easier said than done. The fact of the matter is that some people are just so entrenched in their beliefs, that they are completely unwilling to find any middle ground, regardless of their relation to the LGBT community. People aren’t kidding, though, when they say that things get better; you’ll eventually find people that respect you for who you are and don’t judge you based on your sexuality.

  2. it’s stupid how people act like just because you’re gay that you’re somehow a different person that they can’t relate to

    as if that one thing changes everything

    you still think and feel and care the same as you did before

    but the difference is in them, because they are too small and afraid and ashamed and ignorant.

    there is nothing wrong with you

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